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 Heller ???

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PostSubject: Heller ???   Sun 06 Dec 2015, 8:23 pm

Hi all I dont know much about Heller but does anyone think they will ever release another 1/8 car with the same detail level as the traction avant, I paid 147 quid for that but would happily pay 200 for a new one (I've never built a pocher kit) but this must rival them for detail and parts at a quarter of the price, it is an incredible kit. I am going to get another. Have something totally different in mind for that one. How could I/We entice them to do another, I could think of loads Rolls, Jag, Aston, Bentley Imagine a 1/8 Bentley 4.5 supercharged (the airfix kit updated) oh my god I'm dribbling.
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PostSubject: Re: Heller ???   Tue 08 Dec 2015, 4:39 pm

Good Thoughts. Is Heller still in business?
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PostSubject: Re: Heller ???   Wed 09 Dec 2015, 12:46 pm

The way the hobby is going, I doubt if there's much outside of large Revell cars occasionally.  Tamiya has lg. scale interest in not much other than F-1.    As to Heller, check online model "hobby shops" for the line of what's around.  See if anything new is coming out in any scale from them, or if it's all just re-issues of old kits.  That should give a general idea of the situation.
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PostSubject: Re: Heller ???   

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Heller ???
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