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 A lil Dippy

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Gothic Kustomz
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PostSubject: A lil Dippy   Tue 09 Apr 2013, 3:49 pm

OK, if your like me, you like to do some of your own chroming, well it hit me tonight, now I use Windex, to strip off kit chrome. use what ever ya want, I keep the windex in a pill bottle at my desk, and just drop the lil parts into it, well I got tire'd of reaching into it getting my fingers fill of windex, then taking a bite out of my sandwhich, and tasting like I just spread windex all over my yumms.

Well check this out, hope this will help some of you guys out.

Get your pill bottle out, take a lid of another, using the bottom of you dip bottle, trace a circle on the lid, snip the lip, then take a dremel, with a sanding drum, and sand the lid to fit the bottom of the bottle, now it dont need to be pretty, we want function:

Now drill holes in the puppy, and at the same time you can see how the wire for the handle looks at the bottom:

I think this say's enough, now make sure your handle fits under the cap, so check it before, you get all happy:

If you make the handle just a lil to short you can do this too:

All done, and it works great, why? because the parts wont fall off the side's, because it is just as round as the inside of the bottle, and you don't need to pull it out to put the parts in, just drop'em in, when done use the handle, no more reaching into those deep pill bottles when you dip small parts, oh and if ya need to do a bumper, just pull the whole thing outa the bottle.

I also use a pill bottle as a rinse, (clean water), and for small resin parts, a pill bottle, go figure, i have made the same handle thingie for it too, you can go from Windex, to water, from Bleach White to water, all in one fell swoop...
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PostSubject: Re: A lil Dippy   Tue 09 Apr 2013, 5:59 pm

Great idea.
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A lil Dippy
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