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 Moebius 1953 Hudson Hornet

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PostSubject: Moebius 1953 Hudson Hornet   Mon 25 Feb 2013, 6:48 pm

Moebius kit # 1200.

This kit was a joy to build. It has it's problems, just like all kits, but they are minor and easy to over come. I know that we waited a long time for this to finally get in the stores. I think the wait was worth while. Moebius has given us something to work with that will keep modelers going for quite awhile. So Here is the review.

Pros: It's new, before this we all had to get a resin body and use a 49 merc for a donor chassis and interior tub. This kit is well thought out. There is plenty to work with. The engine and interior have good detail. The chassis in nothing to be ashamed of. The separate frame and floor pan made detail work easy. As far as fit goes 95% of this kit just goes together. The pegs go in the holes and stuff lines up like it should. That;'s is what makes a kit a pleasure to build.

Cons: The fit of the hood to the body needs some work. The hood is to wide for the body and that's before you add paint to the mix. The sides of the hood are easy to file down and get the hood fitting like it should. Th instructions leave you scratching your head about some spots. You will find your self doing a lot of fitting trying to get things figured out. The first run of kits had decal problems. Moebius was quick to correct this problem with replacement decals. I don't know how long that program will be in effect. So if you buy a kit off the shelf you may or may not get a good decal sheet.

Overall: When you are done with the kit you will have a real piece of history on your shelf. It is good that the model hobby gets something new to work with. I am sure it will be built as many ways as a Deuce Coupe. Moebius is a stand up company that had problems with the kit and corrected them. I think this kit will be around for quite awhile. I can see it as a stock Hudson and even a Pro-Street Hot Rod. There is plenty of room for the Custom guys to do their thing also. If you want to add a Hudson to your shelf go for it.
On the 1-10 scale this one gets an 8.

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Moebius 1953 Hudson Hornet
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