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 The Orange Crate

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PostSubject: The Orange Crate   Mon 25 Feb 2013, 6:23 am

Revell kit number 4162.

I thought this would be a simple review to write. Just give the kit a 1 on a scale of 1-10 and call it good. I just can't really do that. I know a good review should list the pros and cans of a kit and That's what I am going to try to write.

The pros: This is a real part of modeling history. It was the first race car that Revell ever modeled. The history on the car is a one of a kind bio. The kit is very accurate. I have seen the real car and can say they did a great job. To good in fact. The parts are so much to scale that they are very tiny and easily broken, but the reason they are that way is Revell was so accurate and this was a first. It was modeled in 1961 modeling was no where at all like it is today. Iam sure if the car were redone(new molds) it would be a winner.

So when you are done you have a real piece of modeling history to put on the shelf. Plus the satisfaction of knowing you build a very hard kit.

Cons: The pros pretty much tell you the cons. The kit was issued 50 years ago. The molds are shot. The kit I built was a 1991 issue so it was 20 years old. The flash was the worst I have ever seen. The chrome tree is useless. Every part on it has to be cleaned and there goes the chrome. The decals exploded when I put them in water. I mean they didn't break apart trying to slide them off the paper. They floated to the top in pieces. The hood mold must have been destroyed in the kit you get a resin hood. It doesn't come close to fitting no matter how much you sand, file and cuss it.

If you want a piece of automotive history in your collection then this is your kit. If you want to build something that will make you a better builder , then this is it. If you have and empty space on your shelf and want to fill it., build something else.

On a scale of 1-10 this gets a 3.

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The Orange Crate
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