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 Silberpfeil Set

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PostSubject: Silberpfeil Set   Mon 25 Feb 2013, 6:15 am

The "Silberpheil Set" is by Revell of Germany and consists of two kits. The 1955 Mercedes 300 SLR and the 1997 McLaren Mercedes MP 4/12 Forum 1 car.

The kit number is 05742. Separately the 300 SLR is kit Number 07204-0389 and the McLaren is kit Number 07215-0389.

The McLaren is a simple build as far as the assembly and the painting goes The decals make the kit 103 on them on a 6 inch car. My decals skills are among my weakest so When I saw this I had a big gulp[ go down my throat. The decals went on fairly easy and when finished it is a very attractive display piece. I don't know enough about F-1 racing to say if it is accurate or not. You can build the car with 2 different drivers numbers on it. So not much detail on the car but lots of decal work. Nice finished subject.

On a scale on 1-10 this kit gets a solid 7. If it had more detail the rating would be higher.

The second car is the 1955 Mercedes 300 SLR. This car is very famous as were it's drivers. The kit it's self is very nice. The detail of the tube chassis and the engine is second to none. The interior is accurate as they come. The front wheels are pose-able. They two issues I had with this kit were the decals and instructions. When I tried to clear over the decals they ran. Looked like ink or something. A friend of mine said they looked burnt. The instructions tell you that the interior is flat black. If you research the car you will find the interior is blue. I am glad I did my research because this is a striking display piece. The blue of the interior the silver on the body the black tires it all really pops when put together.

This kit on a scale of 1-10 is an 8. If the instructions were accurate I would go to 9.

The set or both cars separately are well worth the price. Good for any collection.

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Silberpfeil Set
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