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 Revell Hot Rod Monster Machines

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PostSubject: Revell Hot Rod Monster Machines   Mon 25 Feb 2013, 6:00 am

This is Revell kit number 7501. I know that both of these kits are available separately. It just so happens that This is the one I ended up ,twice.

These kits are a great part of the American car Culture. Mickey Thompson and Tommy Ivo. Let me say that no matter your building experience I think you should build both of these cars. They are excellent display pieces and your automotive knowledge will be bigger when you finish than when you started. Here is what the instruction sheet says.

The "Showboat" and "Challenger1" are two of the most impressive performance creations ever built; sleek,powerful, and each car was equipped with four powerful racing engines and an abundance of horsepower that produced impressive displays of speed. Both of these wild machines were conceived in the early sixties, and were featured in the pages of Hot Rod Magazine. (a note here, when researching these cars construction on both started in 1958)

Unlike most competition cars that were designed to win racers, tyhe goal for the "Challenger" was to set a new land speed wheel driven vehicles. Designed and built by Californian Mickey Thompson, the "Challenger 1" was an incredible maze of steel tubes and wind cheating ally bodywork that enclosed four supercharged Pontiac V-8 engines. Developing in excess of 850 horsepower per engine. The massive power produced by these highly-tuned motors was transferred to the ground through four modified La Salle gearboxes. Goodyear developed special tread-less tires that were specifically engineered to reduce rolling resistance and heat build-up associated with speeds in excess of 400 miles per hour.

Land speed records are attempted and set in some of the more barren settings in the world. And the blinding white stretches of salt in Bonneville, Utah reverberated to the roar of the "challenger 1" in September 1960. As of that date, the existing record had been set in 1947 at an average speed of 394.2 milers per hour. The anticipation of all present was greeted by a blur of blue streaking along the thin black line at a speed of 406.60 miles per hour: a new unofficial record. This amazing machine stands as an impressive creation that embodied the ingenuity that established hot rodders like Thompson as trend setters.

At the same time that "Challenger 1" was attacking salt and the clock, flamboyant Tommy Ivo debuted an incredible four-engined dragster named "The Showboat." In 1960, "digger dragsters" were the "kings of drag racing", and Ivo broke the nine-second barrier with a twin engine machine.

The debut of "The Showboat" wowed fans of all ages with ear-splitting, tire-smoking runs in excess of 190 miles per hour. This firey red and chrome machine was powered by four Buick fuel injected motors capable of producing more then 1700 Horsepower. Not only was "the Showboat" famous in it's own right, but the car was painted by Don Prudhomme and upholstered by Tony Nancy; both of whom achieved fame in the annuals of drag racing.

Call them "wild", call them "impressive"; these powerful monster machines achieved fame due to their high-speed exploits. They stand as two of the most memorable automobiles ever features in the pages of Hot Rod magazine.

With all that said I will say, search them out and build them. They are not the easiest kits out their but they are wonderful.

Both kits get an 9 out 10 in my book.

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Revell Hot Rod Monster Machines
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