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 1/4 Scale Hawk A-990 Hem

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PostSubject: 1/4 Scale Hawk A-990 Hem   Mon 25 Feb 2013, 5:37 am

This is Hawk kit number 11055. This is the second of the Hawk engines I have built and I will same the same about this one I did about the other. I think for a 50 dollar kit the detail could have been a lot better. This kit is the same as kit number 11057. The only difference is the headers are black. The valve covers are chrome and it has an air cleaner. It is a very simple kit to build until you get to the fuel line. The parts don't fit well and some heating and bending will be needed to make them fit. Not a lot of heat. I used an old hair dryer. Another middle of the road kit and display piece.

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1/4 Scale Hawk A-990 Hem
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