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 Testor's Visible A-990 Hemi Engine

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PostSubject: Testor's Visible A-990 Hemi Engine   Mon 25 Feb 2013, 5:13 am

Testor's Visible A-990 Hemi race engine. Kit number 453.

This was the 5th in the 1/4 scale Hemi series of kits I have built. I will say that some how the best was saved for last. The kit it's self is awesome. Only a couple stumbling spots. The fuel lines and filters have to be heated and bent to fit right. The headers are very ugly when they are put together. I sanded them down to get rid of the seams and painted them with header paint.

What really makes the kit happen is the push of the button when it's done. The crankshaft rotates, pistons go up and down. The valves open and close and the water pump and alternator turn. The sound chip plays open header Hemi noise. You and hear each and every snap crackle and pop. You will get a huge smile on your face and push the button again and again.

If you are thinking about one of the 1/4 scale engines for your collection then I recommend this one. It's the best. Well worth the 80 bucks for the kit.

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Testor's Visible A-990 Hemi Engine
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