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 Jagdtiger Kommandant Otto Carius

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PostSubject: Jagdtiger Kommandant Otto Carius   Thu 09 Mar 2017, 11:32 pm

I'm back!  The doctor and SWMBO both agreed that I can spend a maximum of two hours a day in the hobby room.  We will see how that works out.

Coming back I decided to do a dark side vehicle with a reasonable part count that would go together somewhat quickly.  Hopefully this will get me going again and I can get back to the things that really interest me.  

Here is the kit.

Typical of Tamyia there is little to no flash and fit is not an issue with the kit.

As you can see the lower portion of the vehicle is going together well.

Likewise with the upper portion.

I took really bad construction photos of this project.  I can only attribute it to being sick and then having to put up with the post surgery in my back.  Hopefully I will get somewhat back to normal with my next project.

Bad photo, but one of the few I took.

The tarps on the vehicle are homemade. If anybody wants I will be glad to do a short how-to on making them. It's really quite simple.

That's all for today and I don't want to get busted. I'll post the final tomorrow.

John Johnson

"My second childhood is so much more fun than my first."
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PostSubject: Re: Jagdtiger Kommandant Otto Carius   Fri 10 Mar 2017, 5:54 am

Looks great John, look forward to the finished pic's. I would be interested to see how you made the 'tarps'. Glad to see you back at the bench.
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PostSubject: Re: Jagdtiger Kommandant Otto Carius   Fri 10 Mar 2017, 4:57 pm

i think that looks great! nice work on the camo

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PostSubject: Re: Jagdtiger Kommandant Otto Carius   Fri 10 Mar 2017, 6:13 pm

Good to see you back in action John.
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PostSubject: Re: Jagdtiger Kommandant Otto Carius   Sun 12 Mar 2017, 10:31 pm

Good to see you back, John! The armour looks great, can't wait to see the final pics.
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PostSubject: Re: Jagdtiger Kommandant Otto Carius   

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Jagdtiger Kommandant Otto Carius
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