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 My beautiful daughters wedding

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PostSubject: My beautiful daughters wedding   Sat 14 Jan 2017, 9:00 pm

Hi all went to see where my daughter is getting married in December

Now I know there are things you remember all your lives (she is actually my stepdaughter but I think of her as mine)
I know I will never see a more beautiful creature when she walks down the Isle, even in normal life she is stunning.

She's got the personality to match, she's kind, generous, and inteligent-Ish (well you can't have everything) but she is so funny, I could quote dozens of Tanya isms like ( my sons missus is an identical twin) we went to her birthday bash and Tanya said oh, it's your sisters birthday as well.
James is one lucky bloke, although he is pretty amazing too, her one of her boyfriends used to tell her she was fat and ugly and was lucky to have him, she developed an eating disorder and went down to 6 stone (at which point he was still telling her she was fat) anyway luckily he dumped her but her next boyfriend couldn't handle the problems and didn't last, James on the other hand has been a godsend, she is a different person now. I've got to tell you we was scared at one point we thought we would loose her, she looked like a skeleton.
She's now cabin crew manager and she did that in 2 yrs she's as high as she can go without stopping flying and she likes that so although they want to promote her she doesn't want it. That is all down to James, her confidence is through the roof whereas she was depressed and at one point suicidal she did a half marathon last yr for lupus and is doing the London marathon this yr. I am so proud of her, before Stuart got his hands on her she was doing dancing ( and very good at it she was) he stopped all that, she is like her old self.
Anyway I just felt I needed to share, my pride.
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PostSubject: Re: My beautiful daughters wedding   Sun 22 Jan 2017, 9:43 am

I hope you all have a fantastic day Ken. The venue looks amazing!!
I'll look forward to you updating the thread with some pic's of the event in December. 
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PostSubject: Re: My beautiful daughters wedding   Sun 22 Jan 2017, 9:48 am

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PostSubject: Re: My beautiful daughters wedding   

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My beautiful daughters wedding
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