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 The love bug (to cheer up my missus

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PostSubject: Re: The love bug (to cheer up my missus   Thu 20 Oct 2016, 10:12 pm

Hi all well not sure this will get finished, I can't find anywhere else to get the decals, I paid 8 quid for them then 4.46 postage and he's says he can do nothing as I didn't select the tracking option which was over 8 quid so as far as I can see that's 12 quid down the drain, anyone else know where I can get 1/24 decals for it from.
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Mr Hirakawa
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PostSubject: Re: The love bug (to cheer up my missus   Fri 21 Oct 2016, 10:20 am

Hi kpnuts, while not the exact match you're looking for might I suggest trying something like this site for the circle and numbers and since the stripes are straight perhaps you could mask and paint them on? I'm sure that would work (It's what I would do anyway). I wish you good luck with it as I don't want to see this one abandoned.

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The love bug (to cheer up my missus
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