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 Testor's Visible A-990 Hemi

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PostSubject: Testor's Visible A-990 Hemi   Tue 05 Mar 2013, 5:10 am

The last of my 1/4 scale Hemi engine kits. Some how it worked out that the best was saved for last. The build was no different than the others. The fuel lines had to be heated and bent to make them fit right. The headers looked so bad I sanded and painted them with real header paint. This left an unusual finish that I like and kept. It looks like headers that Have gotten real hot and the paint started to burn off. When you push the button on this hold on. The crank turns, Pistons go up and down, valves open and close all that is going on and the sound chip plays Hemi nosies with open headers. You can hear every crackle and snap. Then when it revs up you will really smile.

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Testor's Visible A-990 Hemi
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