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 The few rules we have.

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PostSubject: The few rules we have.   Sun 24 Feb 2013, 12:11 am

We pride ourselves in not needing myriads of rules, as we consider all our members to be responsible people with enough common sense not to need them.

However we do have a few:

1. No discussion about sex.

2. No discussion about religion

3. No discussion about politics.

4.No discussion about crime of any sort.

5. No discussion about drugs.

6. No slagging off or demeaning your fellow members. Respect them as you would like to be respected. This applies to posts in threads and Private Messages.

7. We have a comprehensive list of foul language words and if you use foul language, baby will appear instead. This will alert all members to the fact that you used foul language. If this appears in your post, please edit it out.

8. Please keep the title of your works in progress and finished model threads relevant. Titles like 'My latest build', 'Live on the scene' and 'I was lookin for something ta do' (all taken from another site) don't tell the viewer anything at all about what you are building. In addition, it makes it almost impossible to conduct a search at some point in the future, should a member want to find your particular build or finished model.

Just tell us what it is you are building like, 1964 Pontiac GTO etc.

9. When posting photos in the threads or your gallery, you must do so from an offsite host or directly from your own computer. (See photo tutorial) Posting photo links from other websites is NOT permitted.

The main thing we are after is to have your archive be comlpete. We don't care where you host your photos as long as the links work. If they do not work and we see Red X's then you will be warned to repair your thread. If you do not repair it within 72 hours the thread will be deleted. The easiest way to avoid any trouble is to use the direct post from your computer function here at the forum. There has been a tutorial written on how to do it. if you have any problems please contact a staff member and we will do all we can to help you.

10. No banners or photos are allowed in signatures. Advertising here is also not allowed. Text must be standard size but certain words may be bolded, to give emphasis.

11. Maximum photo size is 800 x 600 This is to prevent excessive download times and left to right scrolling in order to view the photos and read the text. Please resize your photos before posting to this maximum. If you don't we will remove them.

If you infringe any of these rules, you will receive a written warning from an Administrator or a Moderator. If you break them a second time, you may be banned from the site permanently.


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The few rules we have.
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