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 Handy-Tack again

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PostSubject: Handy-Tack again   Mon 25 Feb 2013, 9:48 pm

I know we have all come up with ways of doing things when working on models. This is how I do small parts and things like lenses for head and tail lights.

I use a straight pin and a small ball of Handy-Tack. I will show you how I do it with the Headlight lenses from the Revell 300 SLR.

Made a very small ball of Handy-Tack and wrap it around the head of the pin.

Then stick the Handy_tack ball onto the part.

Now you have a handle so you can position the part where it needs to go.

Then using your favorite glue stick it all together.

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Handy-Tack again
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